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Aliens in the Bible

How many saints (below) have you heard of? Are all of these people real?
A St. Aaron St. Abban St. Abban of Murnevin St. Abban St. Abbo St. Abbo St. Abdas St. Abdiesus St. Abdon St. Abel St. Abercius Marcellus St. Abibas St. Abibus St. Abilius St. Abra St. Abraham St. Abraham St. Abraham St. Abraham of Carrhae St. Abraham of Kidunaja St. Abraham of Kratia St. Abraham the Poor St. Abraham of Rostov St. Abraham of Smolensk Sts. Abrahamites St. Abran St. Abudimus St. Abundius St. Abundius St. Abundius St. Abundius St. Acacius St. Acacius St. Acacius St. Acca St. Acepsimas St. Acepsimas St. Acestes St. Acharius St. Achatius St. Achillas St. Achillas St. Achillas St. Achilleus St. Achilleus Kewanuka St. Acisclus St. Acius St. Aceolus St. Acyndinus St. Ada St. Adalar St. Adalard St. Adalbald of Ostrevant St. Adalbero Bl. Adalbero St. Adalbert St. Adalbert of Magdeburg St. Adalbert of Prague St. Adalgis St. Adalgis St. Adalgott St. Adalsindis St. Adalsindis St. Adam St. Adamnan St. Adamnan of Coldingham St. Adauctus St. Adaucus St. Addal St. Adela St. Adela St. Adela St. Adela St. Adelaide St. Adelaide St. Adelaide of Bellich St. Adelard St. Adelelmus St. Adelina Bl. Adeline St. Adeloga St. Adelphus St. Adelphus St. Adeodatus I Adeodatus II St. Aderald St. Adheritus St. Adjutor St. Ado of Vienne St. Adolf of Osnabruck St. Adolphus St. Adolphus Ludigo-Mkasa St. Adrian St. Adrian St. Adrian St. Adrian Bl. Adrian Adrian II St. Adrian III Adrian IV Adrian V St. Adrian, Abbot St. Adrian Fortescue St. Adrian Van Hilvarenbeek St. Adrian III St. Adrio St. Adulf St. Aedesius St. Aedh MacBricc St. Aelred of Rievaulx St. Aengus St. Afan St. Afra St. Afra St. Africus St. Agabius St. Agabus St. Aganus St. Agape St. Agape St. Agapitus St. Agapitus St. Agapitus St. Pope Agapitus I St. Agapius St. Agapius St. Agatha St. Agatha Bl. Agatha Lin Bl. Agathangelo Noury St. Agathangelus St. Agatho St. Agatho St. Agathoclia St. Agathopus St. Ageranus St. Agericus St. Agia St. Agia St. Agilbert St. Agilberta St. Agileus St. Agilulfus St. Agilus Bl. Agnello of Pisa St. Agnellus St. Agnellus of Pisa St. Agnes St. Agnes of Assisi St. Agnes of Boheinia St. Agnes De St. Agnes of Montepulciano St. Agnes of Poitiers St. Agnes of Rome Bl. Agnes Takea Bl. Agnes Tsao-kouy St. Agobard St. Agrecius St. Agricola St. Agricolus St. Agrippina St. Agrippinus St. Aibert St. Aichardus St. Aidan St. Aidan of Ferns St. Aidan of Lindisfarne St. Aidric St. Aigulf St. Aigulf St. Ailbhe Groom Lake Area 51 X files alien abduction images alien art John Mack Strieber parallel universes extraterrestrials Carl Sagan UFO alien art Ancient Astronauts Area 51 Astronauts & UFOs Bermuda Triangle Biblical UFOs Cattle Mutilations Crop Circles Famous UFO Events Government Secrets Majestic-12 Mars! Military Secrets Montauk Project News and Sightings Philadelphia Experiment Photos and Video Project Bluebook Roswell The Skeptics Space and SETI Spook Lights TopSecret Aircraft UFO Conspiracy UFO Merchandise UFOlogists UFO Organizations UFOs & Science George Adamski Mount Palomar Observatory, contactees Flying Saucers Have Landed AFOSI - The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Airships or The Great Airship Alien grays humanoids large headslarge eyes, reptoids nordics dwarves hairy dwarves, while Americans usually see grays or nordics Alien Abduction Whitley Strieber, The Allagash Abductions Raymond Fowler Allende Carlos (AKA Carl Allen)S. S. Andrew Furuseth Morris K. Jessup The Case for the UFO. Philadelphia Experiment Alternative 3 Ancient Astronauts Erich von Daniken Zecharia Sitchin Angel Hair spiders APRO - Aerial Phenomena Research Organization - Jim Lorenzen. Area 51 - Area 51 Groom Lake Kenneth Arnold Astronaut UFO Sightings The Aviary William L. Moore. Aztec, New Mexico